Social Network Harvester 1.26

Welcome to the new version of the Social Network Harvester. Version 1.26 was created in close communication with the users. Many small and large change requests have been implemented. We would especially like to thank the participants of the November end user training, who contributed many ideas and suggestions.

SNH Analytics receives a timeline.

With the timeline it is possible to select and visualize displayed elements based on a period of time. Additional performance and display improvements make working with analytics more productive.

The posting explorer has been revised. This allows postings to be analyzed and processed more effectively. You can also benefit from the completely renewed comment panel.

The further development of the social network harvester, the SNH Titan, also finds its way into the current version. A new export function makes it possible to continue processing cases from the current SNH seamlessly in SNH Titan.

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

Do you need help? Please register with our support portal. Our employees and partners will be happy to support you.