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The SNH Titan allows collaborative investigations and creates an overview of data from multiple networks in one case.

Secure digital evidence from social networks and analyze these with our powerful and easy-to-use tools.

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In today’s OSINT Lexicon, we are defining connections. What exactly are connections in social network investigations? We define connections as associations between two or more entities, as represented by edges and nodes in network theory. In a social network, the …

What is Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)? We are bringing out a new series: an OSINT Lexicon! Each article in this series will explain common terms used by the OSINT community and by us here at Freezingdata. Today’s definition is ‘OSINT’ itself. …

OSINT searches in social networks can be a lengthy affair. Supposedly simple tasks can turn into long “click and scroll binges” on just one social network. With the new Profile Finder function, SNH takes these cumbersome tasks off your hands. …

“ If the Subject has a long list of followers, following SNH is an excellent tool to collect, filter and report nicely. I liked the 'mutual friends' feature, which could be critical depending on the case. ”
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Swiss Police

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