| 19. January 2024 | OSINT Lexicon

What are timelines in social network analysis?

The timeline is a list of shared or written content in a social network. On Facebook, for example, this is the personal posting history of a user or the posted content within a group. On Telegram, it is the shared … Read More

| 30. November 2023 | OSINT Lexicon

What are target profiles in social network analysis?

A target profile is an online profile, of which publicly available information is collected. In the SNH Titan, these profiles are either manually set as such by the user, or were once a primary target of a previous data collection. … Read More

| 10. October 2023 | OSINT Lexicon

What is account linking in the SNH Titan? 

The account linking feature allows users to group together different accounts, which the user recognizes as similar or identical, as one entity. In the Profile Explorer, account linkings are displayed via groupings. Account linking not only links the same profiles … Read More

| 28. September 2023 | OSINT Lexicon

What are profile IDs?

The profile ID in social media is the handle, username or unique ID connected to an account. This looks different depending on the network. The username of a Facebook profile for instance is in the URL (e.g. facebook.com/max.mustermann). Profiles have … Read More

| 11. September 2023 | OSINT Lexicon

What are connections?

In today’s OSINT Lexicon, we are defining connections. What exactly are connections in social network investigations? We define connections as associations between two or more entities, as represented by edges and nodes in network theory. In a social network, the … Read More

| 28. August 2023 | OSINT Lexicon

OSINT Lexicon: Our new Series!

What is Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)? We are bringing out a new series: an OSINT Lexicon! Each article in this series will explain common terms used by the OSINT community and by us here at Freezingdata. Today’s definition is ‘OSINT’ itself. … Read More

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