The New Profile Finder Feature in the SNH Titan

| 10. August 2023 | Product information

OSINT searches in social networks can be a lengthy affair. Supposedly simple tasks can turn into long “click and scroll binges” on just one social network.

With the new Profile Finder function, SNH takes these cumbersome tasks off your hands. The feature allows you to search and save profiles across multiple social networks.

You enter the name of the target person you are looking for into the SNH Titan search box and it does the searching for you across the supported social networks, while also backing up all search results in your SNH Titan project. This allows you to focus on analyzing the secured search results. You can also easily reload content to individual result profiles.

The search function is currently supported in the following social networks:

○ Facebook
○ Instagram
○ Twitter / X
○ Youtube
○ TikTok

Other networks are in preparation.

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